Benefits of Drug Compounding

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Drug compounding is highly useful and has a wide range of clinical applications that have begun to increase in modern times as medicine moves more towards customizing each treatment for each patient. It allows physicians and other medical providers to create highly specialized treatments for each individual patient based on any factors that may influence the effectiveness of a treatment. Recently, treatment trends have shifted towards drug compounding as an effective method for treating a wide range of different acute and chronic illnesses, and before the invention of commercial medications compounding pharmacies were used to treat most health conditions. It wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s that commercial medications began to take over, and compounded medications had worked for generations before this. Commercial medications have made some types of treatments more accessible and convenient in some cases, but compounded medications still have their role in several fields of medicine such as anti-aging, sports medicine, pain management, veterinary medicine, pediatric medicine, and many others.



Medications can be compounded that are allergen free


Identified allergies to inactive ingredients in commercial medications, or allergies to specific Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), are a common problem. Compounds can be produced that eliminate allergens, substitute combination APIs, or further customize based on specific patient needs. The medications are carefully created by licensed pharmacists, and their ingredients can be selected by the physician providing the medication. Allergen free medications allow patients that would normally have to try a different medication the ability to use the commercial medication that they are allergic to, and the compounded medication has the benefit of being perfectly customized for them if they need an alternative dosing method or other customization.


The medication can also be flavored which is particularly helpful for pediatric and veterinary applications, as a wide range of different flavored methods of administration can be created such as lozenges, drops, gelatins, drinks and other easy to administer dosage forms. Flavored medications are useful for patients that may prefer a certain medication flavor or for veterinary patients which are often selective about the flavor of medication that they are willing to consume. Allergies are also a main concern for pediatric patients and compounding pharmacies are able to produce safe medications without ingredients that can cause a potentially dangerous allergic reaction. As a result of their many benefits, compounding pharmacies have been used more regularly in pediatric and veterinary medicine, and in any field where the medication’s ingredients and flavor need to be controlled.


Compounding pharmacies can save money


Compounded medication is often times more reasonably priced than  logic would dictate. The price of commercial medications varies based on several factors including whether or not the drug is patented,supply and demand, and drug class competition.  Compounding pharmacies can use a generic variation if there is one available and prepare medications with that variation. In some cases compounding may cost more than prescription medications, especially if brand name drugs must be used, however many different types of insurance can commonly be used at compounding pharmacies, so there may be a much lower out of pocket cost to the patient.


A wide range of medications can be compounded for use in several different fields of medicine including veterinary medicine, geriatric medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, sports medicine, podiatry, pediatric medicine, pain management, reproductive medicine and more. Patients in these fields should ask their health care practitioner about compounded medications. Absolute Pharmacy can explain the benefits of using a compounded medication for a particular medical application.


Compounding Pharmacies Are Necessary For Modern Medicine


In modern medicine treatments are being more and more individualized for each patient. Genetics and other factors are being used to determine the specific types of treatments that will be the most effective for a particular patient, and medicine is shifting away from the idea that one type of treatment can be used successfully for multiple patients. Each protocol needs to be adjusted based on all of the factors that may influence the effectiveness of a medication or treatment such as genetics, blood test results from the patient, size and weight, age and ability to ingest certain medications, and several other factors. Compounding pharmacies offer a convenient, affordable and effective way to ensure that a medication is perfectly customized for a patient.



Sports medicine is just one example where compounded medications have begun to be just as common if not more common as commercial medications. Sports medicine physicians and trainers have found that topical compounds may be effective at treating acute pain, vs. oral or injection therapy. Modern medication delivery methods such as iontophoresis require the use of compounded medications to ensure optimal delivery of the drug.


Compounding should be performed by a certified pharmacist in licensed compounding pharmacies to ensure the highest quality compounds to meet patient needs. All medications compounded at Absolute Pharmacy are compounded by a certified pharmacist.  Get more information about our compounding pharmacy.