Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

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Many men and women of all ages choose to go through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help treat symptoms of imbalanced hormones. Some of these include loss of libido, depression and hot flashes, and menopause.

This makes the therapy quite appealing for those who want to and deserve to feel better. However, considering the therapy is a long term commitment. It is important to consider the costs. 

How would your bank account match your newly found health?

If you are interested in seeing the bigger picture, let's take a look at how the cost is determined. By your individual symptoms, previous medical history, and risk factors in conjunction with the medication, dosage, and length of treatment.

In most cases, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost is broken down into blood and lab work, medication prices, supplementation cost, and medical service.

What's Behind The Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

As mentioned earlier, the cost of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy depends on various factors, making it difficult to establish a certain cost associated with treatment.

The bottom line is for you to contact a specialist who knows how to price accurately.

Nonetheless, here is an estimation to help you determine if the therapy is cost-effective for your specific needs. 

We shall consider the most common pricing factors, making the approximation as close to reality as possible.

Therapy Factors With a Direct Effect on Cost 

So let's dive in and take a look at the most common cost factors, responsible for enforcing the most potent price changes for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

The primary factors go as follows:

Hormone Ingredients

As expected, the cost of bioidentical hormones is stringent on the actual ingredients used. Depending on your situation, you might need ingredients that cost less even in larger quantities. 

And without knowing the ingredients used for your therapy, a cost cannot be established. 

However, we can offer a method for lowering costs. Ask your practitioner for an equal quality generic ingredient to be used instead.


Now volume—meaning the dosage and frequency of treatment will have a direct effect on the cost.

In some cases, the low-cost hormone ingredients will help flatten the entire price. However, multiple treatments will, of course, cost more than a single treatment.

Nonetheless, a more expensive treatment can be done once or you can use a series of less expensive treatments.

Quantity of Ingredients

And last but not least, the quantity of ingredients used will affect the cost. Using a set of the same natural ingredients, instead of a mix of various ingredients will be cheaper. 

In any case, your treatment will most likely start with fewer ingredients to gauge your reaction and might be adjusted to include more ingredients further down the road.

Additional Costs

Now another there are some additional costs associated with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which we did not mention. 

For example, consultations and visits have a cost. Lab work and blood work have a cost. All of which add up in the beginning.

However, the price is not easily established, as they vary person by person. Nonetheless, lab work can sometimes cost $1,500 without insurance. Quite a sum for a single event within your treatment. 

So don't forget that even though you can afford the prescription. You might not be able to afford the actual treatment.

A Little More In-Depth With Cost and Insurance Coverage

As mentioned throughout the article, out of pocket pricing is hard to determine. As it wildly differs patient to patient, supplier to supplier, the insurer to insurer. 

In any case, if you do not possess adequate health plans—the prescription can cost you anywhere from $30 to $80 per month, depending on gender and situation. 

The price will also differ by method of application, such as cream, gel, pill, or patch. Not to mention, the length and ingredients used.

When you take the prescription price and estimated specialist consultation, it can cost you about $200 to $600 per month. But over time the costs should start to come down, as initial pricing is higher.

Given the price variation, it is a good idea to consult with your insurance company and establish coverage. In practice, an insurer will front you the cost of prescription costs, and even lab work. 

However, if your insurance company is hesitant, you can use a service that works with compounding pharmacies, providing discounts on all products.

As lab work can cost up to $2,000 without insurance, but a service that cooperates with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy providers can help you acquire free evaluation and lab review, costing less than $100.

So Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Worth It?

Now that we have covered the pragmatics behind bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost—the decision stands by you. 

It is your decision to undergo treatment, making you responsible for payments. So if you think you can afford the treatment—go ahead, more power to you. 

But keep in mind, that the therapy cost usually outweighs the treatment cost for the issues that are meant to be prevented by hormone replacement in the first place such as depression, fatigue, and low sex drive. 

All of these issues can have a detrimental effect on your well being, so take that into consideration.

It's your turn to determine if your happiness is worth the cost. If so, how much would you pay for it?

And now that you have established a budget, contact a specialist who will help you see if it fits in unison with your needs.