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How Does a Compounding Pharmacy Work? Here's Some Compounding Examples

Approximately three percent of filled prescriptions are compounded. The number will only grow as more and more patients require specialized treatments.

If you've never received a compounded prescription, it may be difficult to understand what it is and why you need it. The best way to begin is to look at some compounding examples. They can help you understand this emerging method and how it works.

Read our guide to find out what a compounded pharmacy is, how to choose one, and how they can benefit you.

What Does Compounded Mean?

To understand any compounding examples, you need to understand what compounding is.

Compounding is the process of creating a customized prescription. They suit the needs of each individual patient. The pharmacist may change the formula or flavor or place the drug in another material like liquid or cream.

There are two types of medication compounding. The most common is nonsterile for creams, liquids, and pills. The other method is sterile for injections, eye drops, and similar medications.

Both methods work, but one may be better for an individual patient or prescription. It's important to know the differences between the two to make sure you get the right one. Find out more about non-sterile vs. sterile methods here.

Only 7,500 of the 56,000 pharmacies in the US can call themselves compound pharmacies. They fill compound prescriptions using their expertise and specialized equipment.


Compounding pharmacies can provide a range of benefits.

First and foremost, they are the only places to fill a compound prescription. They can also customize prescriptions, providing more effective treatments. Find out more benefits of drug compounding here.

Compounding Examples

A doctor usually only prescribes compound medications if traditional ones don't reduce symptoms. This can be caused by factors such as the patient's age and individual needs.

Hormone Replacement

The body utilizes at least 50 different hormones. Too much or too little of even one can lead to severe symptoms like weight gain and mood changes. Doctors prescribe supplements to regulate their levels.

Traditional prescription options may not do enough for a patient struggling with hormone issues. That's why hormone replacement is a common use for compound medications, making up 38 percent of the market share.

Compound pharmacists can create supplements based on the patient's current levels and needs. These formulas are often more effective and reduce symptoms faster.

Ingredient Changes

Some patients may have allergies to ingredients in medicines they need. A compound prescription can replace this ingredient with a non-offensive one.

A compound pharmacist can also remove "filler" ingredients and replace them with more natural options. This creates a more effective formula and can ease the minds of patients.

Every body is different, and some ingredients may not have the same effect for one patient as they do for another. A compound pharmacist can create a customized formula with healthy ingredients that provide the best possible results.

Changes for Children and Pets

It can be difficult to get a child or pet to take any medication, but a compounded pharmacy can help you get a prescription that's easier for them to swallow.

Children need different dosages than adults and may have trouble swallowing capsules. Not all medications come in child-friendly sizes or forms. That's where compounded pharmacies come in.

A compound pharmacist can provide a small liquid dose of a medication that only comes in large adult-strength capsules. They can customize your child's prescription to make sure they take it.

Compounded pharmacies can also cater to your pets. They may place the pill in a treat, create a liquid version that's easier to swallow, change the flavor, or provide other services.

Finding Rare or Discontinued Medications

The FDA considers at least 300 different drugs "in short supply." The number of discontinued medications may be even higher.

A compounded pharmacy can provide drugs patients can't find anywhere else. They can also alter the formula of a drug to make it resemble another one that's rare or discontinued.

Other Compounding Examples

A compounding pharmacy can deliver almost any type of medication you or your pets need.

Several medical diet pills have dangerous ingredients and potentially deadly side effects. A compounded diet solution caters to your individual needs. It will use a healthier formula to help you reach your ideal weight without side effects.

There are also plenty of compounded medications for pain relief. These include compounded options for treating gout pain, headaches, and other conditions. They can provide patients with customizable, effective relief.

Find out more about the various applications of a compounded pharmacy here.

Finding a Compounding Pharmacy Near Me

With increasing regulations and recalls, it's important to choose the best compound pharmacy. There are several things to consider before deciding where to get your compound prescription filled.

The first important consideration is equipment. Specialized equipment is what sets compound pharmacies apart from their traditional counterparts. The best compound pharmacies have up-to-date, sterile equipment to meet all their patient's needs.

The other consideration is the qualifications of the staff. They should all be licensed compound pharmacists. This ensures they have the knowledge to provide you with all the medication you need.

The final consideration is whether the medication has a guarantee. The compounded pharmacy should be able to prove the purity and validity of all the medications it offers.

Check here for more tips on how to choose the best compounding pharmacy.

How to Get Compounded Medications

Compounding examples provide insight into how the growing field of compounded medication works. The applications are almost endless, as any prescription can be customized by a qualified pharmacist.

There are several compounded pharmacies to choose from, but it's critical to choose the right one. Some lack the right equipment, can't verify the quality of their products, or don't have specialized pharmacists.

We provide a range of high-quality compounded medications. Each one is customized to the needs of you and your family. All our pharmacists are licensed, and we have all the equipment needed to fulfill your needs.

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