Things to look out for when Buying IGF 1 LR3 Online


You might have heard about IGF 1 LR3 recently, and you are looking for more information before buying it. In this article we will discuss what to look out for when searching for this medication, the reasons why people are doing IGF 1 LR3, and where you can find the best source & price to get your own IGF1 LR3.

The most important thing to look for when buying IGF 1 LR3 online is that it is actually a Pharmaceutical Grade


If you look online you will find a couple different websites selling "peptides" but in reality, the peptides they are selling are not actual pharmaceutical grade and will have no effect on your body. They will have in the fine print below their website "Not for actual use" or "For scientific research studies only" which is another way of saying its NOT the actual pharmaceutical grade IGF1 LR3 that works to promote muscle growth. Most of these fake websites have "Add to cart" buttons with a picture of IGF 1 LR3 above it. But be warned, this is not really IGF1 LR3..


So where should I shop for the best IGF1 LR3 Online?


Make sure to have read the above paragraph, if not do so. Now in order to find REAL IGF1 LR3 online, you will need to find a pharmacy. Please note that not all pharmacies carry this product, and dont always have the correct dosage to fit your body. You will need to first contact either a doctor and get him to write you a prescription for the medication, OR you can contact a compounding pharmacy to have them assign you a doctor to write you a precription, and from there we will handle the rest of the work. 


Recap on buying IGF1 LR3 online


  1. Stay away from shops that have the "Add to cart" button with peptides.
  2. Shop for a REAL compounding pharmacy, such as Absolute Pharmacy for your IGF1 LR3
  3. Find a doctor, OR contact us to buy your REAL IGF1 LR3 online.