Quality Matters with Pharmaceutical Compounding

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Quality is a main concern with pharmaceutical compounding, as both physicians and patients want to be sure that the medications they purchase from a compounding pharmacy are high quality, accurately dosed, and pure. Physicians or patients who are looking for a good compounding pharmacy should do a bit of research to ensure that their pharmacy is run by licensed pharmacists, and maintains all required permits, including sterile permits, if applicable.



Those who are looking for a compounding pharmacy should always be sure to ask questions about their pharmacy of interest. Absolute Pharmacy has licensed pharmacists on staff who are certified to compound sterile medications in accordance to all state and federal regulations. Absolute Pharmacy also stays up to date with the most recent recommendations for sterile product techniques, and we have access to all of the latest equipment for drug compound production. We are highly experienced at producing a wide range of different compounded medications and treatments including hormone treatments, anti-aging treatments, veterinary treatments, and much more.


Finding a quality pharmacy


Absolute Pharmacy has licensed pharmacists on staff who prepare every medication using only FDA approved chemicals, while following all USP specifications. We exceed the standards set by the FDA for compounding pharmacies, and we keep our standards exceptionally high to ensure the safety and the quality of our compounded medications. Our licensed pharmacists are familiar with the latest sterile techniques and we are equipped with some of the most modern and high tech sterile medication production equipment available anywhere. Our licensed pharmacists and support staff can answer any questions that you have about our compounded medications, and we are able to produce medications both for individuals and for bulk treatments of patients. Contact Absolute Pharmacy today for more information about our pharmacy, its adherence to quality standards, and how we can help you as a physician or patient.


New FDA oversight regarding pharmaceutical compounding


There is new FDA oversight regarding pharmaceutical compounding as a way to encourage pharmacies that produce compounded medications to meet USP <797> Guidelines and to ensure the quality of drugs compounded by pharmacies that register with the FDA as “outsourcing facilities”. These facilities offer a bit of a different purpose for drug compounding; they produce large amounts of a particular type of medication for groups of patients rather than individuals during times of drug shortages. In a way, these compounding pharmacies end up being small drug manufacturers, and just like large drug manufacturers, the FDA wants to regulate them to ensure quality standards are maintained for each batch of medication produced.



The law that regulates some of the compounding pharmacies was passed on November 27, 2013. Compounding pharmacies that are registered as outsourcing facilities must be inspected by the FDA on a regular basis, and they are also subject to federal quality standards. Although this does not change the fact that the FDA does not oversee the majority of compounding pharmacies that produce medications for individuals, it does help to control quality standards at the pharmacies that produce larger quantities of medication at one time. Compounders that do not register as an outsourcing facility can quality for a registration exemption, and those exemptions are outlined in the law, and if it does not qualify for an exemption the pharmacy is subject to federal oversight.