What are the Most Common Compounded Prescriptions?

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There were more than 4.3 billion prescriptions filled in the last year. That is a huge amount of medication going out into the world. 

But did you know that not all medications are made the same way? Some medications are mixed for one patient with a specific formula prescribed by their doctor. These compounded prescription medications can be game-changers. 

Read on to learn more about this type of medication service and some of the most common compounded prescriptions. 

Most Common Compounded Prescriptions 

Recently, the number of local pharmacies starting to deliver compounded prescriptions grown. These types of pharmacies have helped to reduce some of the strain on the pharmaceutical industry.

 A compounded prescription is mixed to the exact specifications of the prescribing doctor. This can affect the strength, the dosage, the ingredients included, and the method of intake. 

When a prescription is created in this way, it is most often because that specific combination is not available commercially. And not all pharmacies offer these services. 

Also, not all medications are candidates for this either. But there are definitely some that work great for this kind of personalization. 

One of the most common compounded prescriptions is for pediatric medications. Antibiotics for an ear infection is a good example. Getting a child to cooperate with taking their medications is hard. So a compounding pharmacy can mix it with a flavoring to make it more enjoyable. 

This flavoring can be added with most liquid medications and is a common reason for this service. 

Compounding pharmacies also often mix up different pain medication into different forms. For children or the elderly, swallowing capsules can be very difficult so having a liquid option is very beneficial. 

Another area that compounding medication is very common is for dermatology. Specific combinations of topical treatments can be mixed together for the right cream to help with the issues presenting. 

Hormone therapies are also very commonly compounded prescriptions. Treating hormone issues is very specific to each patient. There are not very many commercial drugs that can cover exact needs. 

Compounded prescriptions allow customers to get directly to what they need and get the best treatment possible. 

Why are Compounded Prescriptions Beneficial?

There are many reasons why compounded prescriptions are so beneficial to patients. The main one being that the medication can be specifically tailored to their needs. 

Illness is not one size fits all, so treatment shouldn't be either. There are certainly many times when commercially produced medications solve the patient's problems.

But there are times when they won't and that is when compounded prescriptions can be a better option. 

A compounded prescription is often a safer option for the patient as well. 

The prescribing doctor has more control over the dosage and method of intake when the medication is produced this way. They can keep better track of the progress and efficacy of the drug. 

These medications can also be safer because they aren't filled with unnecessary extras. Often commercially produced medications have filler ingredients that can be removed.

Also most commercially produced medicine has dyes that may be harmful to patients. 

A compounded prescription is beneficial in a lot of situations. But especially for those who need a very specific set of drugs to resolve their issues. 

Who Needs a Compound Prescription?

Anyone who is under the care and supervision of a medical doctor can be prescribed a compound prescription. But some people may have more of a need than others. 

A very specific reason why a doctor may prescribe this type of medication is if the patient has an allergy. Occasionally these ingredients are found within a commercially produced drug. 

One allergy that comes up is to dyes that are found within medications. This is a simple fix with a compound prescription with that specific element left out. 

Something that occurs less often is when there aren't any FDA approved medications to solve a particular issue. Maybe the drugs available have more ingredients than the patient needs. Or there is something missing that would help. Whatever the case may be, a doctor may be able to prescribe a combination that will work better. 

Occasionally, pharmaceutical companies stop producing certain medications because they don't make enough profit. When this is the case, a doctor may prescribe a compound prescription of that same combination. 

While there are no restrictions on who can take this kind of medication, most doctors only use this service when really necessary. 

Are Compounded Prescriptions Safe to Take? 

Since these medications aren't produced in a pharmaceutical lab, some have questions about their validity and safety. 

There have been issues with compound pharmacies not keeping set standards. This caused big problems to the health of their patients. Since then there has been an increase in the strictness of standards. 

Only those who are licensed pharmacists with the right training can offer these services. 

Compounding pharmacies are monitored and inspected by government entities, including the FDA, to ensure quality and safety. So while each medication isn't FDA approved, there are guidelines that are followed. 

It is important to work with your doctor to find the right compounding pharmacy you trust to work with. 

Find Your Compounded Pharmacy

When you are suffering from an illness it can be so frustrating to not be able to find the right medication to help you. 

It is possible that one of the most common compounded prescriptions may be the answer. At the very least, it is worth talking to your doctor about the possibilities and options. 

If you would like to learn more about compounded prescriptions from a compound pharmacy, contact us today!