Why Use a Compounding Pharmacy?

14 / 09 / 2020 | Compounding Pharmacies | AbsoluteRx

Compounding pharmacies like Absolute Pharmacy create drug mixtures that are specifically designed for a person. Pharmacy compounding is a long established tradition;  physicians have relied on pharmacists for decades to provide them with compounded medications designed for each patient’s unique needs.


Compounding pharmacies are still commonly used for several types of medications including hormones, skin care creams and many other dermatologist medications, patients that require smaller doses for various reasons or different dosage forms, and many other purposes.


Compounding pharmacies only issue drugs that are obtained via a prescription from a medical doctor, and they are a safe and reliable way to obtain customized medications that are more effective because they are individualized for the particular patient and not administered at a set and predetermined dose like commercial medications.


Benefits Of Using Compounded Medications


There are many benefits for using compounded medications depending on the type of medication. For instance, hormones that are customized for an individual patient based on their hormone levels and other factors are more effective with fewer side effects.


Commercial versions of drugs are not designed for individuals and can have several side effects that properly compounded medications won’t have including allergic reactions, side effects due to unnatural ingredients, or other potential issues.


Compounded medications can also reduce medication sensitivities, help patients keep track of their doses, improve the taste of a medication for children or pets, and utilize a different method of administration that is more preferable for the patient.


Compounding Pharmacies Are Legal And Safe


The FDA has allowed compounded prescriptions as long as they are issued from a certified pharmacy by a medical practitioner, and compounding is also regulated by state pharmacy boards. Compounded medications have been used in medicine since its origins, and they meet the needs of patients that have specific requirements that commercial medications cannot meet. It offers a safe and effective way for patients to customize their prescriptions to be more suitable for them.


At one time most medications were compounded, but there was a decline in the 60s after medications became mass produced. There has been a resurging interest in going back to compounded medications for many types of commercial medications. The renewed interest has much to do with the fact that compounded medications are customized for each individual and can meet the unique needs of many patients where commercial medications fall short. Research has also shown that compounded medicines are more effective for many types of treatment.


Compounded prescriptions can also be more affordable than commercial prescriptions, but the cost also depends on the type of medication issued, the time required to create the medication, and other factors. In general, costs of compounded medications are usually competitive in comparison to commercial medications.


Types of compounded medications and purposes for compounding medications


Compounding pharmacies regularly issue several different types of compounded medications and for many different purposes including the following:


  • Anti-Aging Medications – Anti-aging medications can be compounded and customized for the individual including cosmetics, creams, and other treatments to reduce and treat various aging symptoms.


  • Pain Management Medication – Pain management medication can be compounded which is useful because each individual experiences a different level and different type of pain, and the medication is customized for the individual. Also, the method of administration for the medication is regularly customized for pain medicines.


  • Women’s Health – hormones are commonly prescribed to women to help treat menopause symptoms such as low libido, night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue, hair loss or thinning, and many other symptoms. Hormones can be prescribed to to replenish declining estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels as needed.


  • Men’s Health – There are a variety of men’s health issues that compounded medications can solve including erectile dysfunction, chronically low libido, hair loss, aging skin, pain, prostate health and many others. Compounded medications can be created for each male’s needs, and any symptoms related to declining testosterone levels can also be treated with the proper medications.


  • Pediatric Compounding – Compounded medications can be flavored and customized for pediatric patients based on their taste preferences. Also, there may be medications that are only available in dosages for adults, but a compounding pharmacy can create a custom dosage for each individual child patient. Each child also has particular taste and texture preferences for medications, and alternate medication forms can be created as needed.


  • Veterinary Compounding – Pets can be very picky about medications, and veterinary compounding solves this problem by creating customized medication delivery methods that are suitable for each type of animal. Dosages often need to be customized based on the size of the animal and species, and with substantial differences only between different breeds compounding is often necessary for creating a suitable medication format and dosage.


  • And many others


One Size Does Not Fit All For Medications


Compounding pharmacies address the fact that “one size does not fit all”, particularly for medications. As long as the pharmacy is reputable and the prescriptions for the medication are obtained from a licensed medical professional, compounded medications offer the best way to meet a patient’s unique individual needs. Compounding pharmacies provide patients with critical medications that they may not otherwise be able to obtain from a traditional pharmacy, and there are widely expanding applications for compounded medications in modern medicine.


Compounded medications now benefit from modern technology that maintains safety standards that are just as high if not higher than commercial medications. When they are delivered from a certified pharmacy they provide the same level of potency and purity as commercial medications in a preferred method of administration and at a dosage level that is suited for each patient.


The interest and demand for compounded medications will continue to grow as more research continues to prove the benefits of customized medications — particularly research in the areas of anti-aging and hormone treatments. Absolute Pharmacy is a qualified pharmacy with certified and licensed pharmacists that has a modern facility and an ISO Class 5 cleanroom that is used to safely produced customized medications in a sterile environment.