Central Fill Pharmacy

What exactly is a central fill pharmacy and what do they do?

The healthcare landscape is very dynamic and as it continues to change, more focus and consideration is being concentrated towards the reduction of costs, improving the quality of healthcare and achieving medical efficiencies,  these central fill pharmacies are the key producers of various forms of medications and medical solutions. Therefore, they play a very important role in this evolution, this entails that pharmacy operators should focus more on how they can continuously add value to the health care of patients.

What are some of the solutions available for central fill pharmacies to reduce their costs of operation and focus on patient care?

In order for a pharmacy to reduce their operational costs and focus on improving patient healthcare, they are required to implement effectively innovative solutions which should simplify their processes. Absolute Pharmacy which is one of the largest healthcare solution companies in the United States runs a central filling for lots of clients. It is a solution that allows pharmacists to aggregate their prescriptions, and collect them in a centrally situated prescription filling center. At the filling centers, the prescriptions are assembled according to instructions from the owner pharmacy, verified, packed then delivered back to the respective pharmacy or mailed directly to a specific patient. All the prescriptions and medications that we dispatch are safe and ready for use.

Absolute Pharmacy will offer your pharmacy a wide range of solutions irrespective of your pharmacy’s size. Because of this flexibility, you will be able to easily combine our central filling solutions to your pharmacy’s in-store automation. This will allow you to maximize fully on your operational efficiency for all your site locations and volume levels.

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Our Central Filling Pharmacy can design customized solutions for you which can be based on;

• The volume of the current and future prescriptions.
• Prescription mixes (New vs. Refills.)
• The prescription’s turnaround requirements.

Central Filling solutions can be obtained at a little or no cost

Our Central fill Pharmacy also operates another centralized solution known as Central Fill as a service, (CfaaS). It is a solution that allows pharmacies to utilize our resources without prior investment. This means that you will not have to invest in any inventory, equipment or staff apart from your pharmacy’s appointed pharmacist.

Contrary to the previous model where a customer had to invest substantially in order to receive services, CfaaS has been made available to customers through a fee that is charged per prescription. This will greatly reduce your pharmacy’s pre-prescription dispensing costs.

Some Benefits of using a Central Fill Pharmacy as a service include;

– You will be able to streamline your organisation’s processes by integrating our filling Procedures into your pharmacy’s workflow.

– You will be connected to a vast pharmaceutical network that is owned by Absolute pharmacy limited.

– You will be working in partnership with the industry’s leading pharmacy automation technology and professional operational experts from Our pharmacy.

– You will be exposed to a platform where you can explore different revenue opportunities with a patent-pending, streamlined 340-B ordering, and inventory capabilities.

– You will be accustomed to high-quality technical support from a team of automation experts from our pharmacy.


Central Fill is an integrated service from Our pharmacy which offers efficient filling solutions to pharmacies of all sizes. When you work with us, you will have a chance to optimise your processes and prioritise more important functions in your organisation which will be geared towards positively improving the quality of patient health care. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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