Lipotrophic MIC Injection for Weight Loss

What are MIC shots used for?

A Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a genuine weight loss product that has been technologically baked and advanced using the latest clinical science to effectively help your body to burn fat more efficiently. When MIC injections are constantly administered together with a diet of low calories and frequent exercise, this medication produces outstanding results. It is made up of a formula that consists of numerous lipotropic’s. Lipotropics are amino acids whose function are to mobilize fat patches and fat cells in your body. You can read more about other lipotropic injections here. Other functions of these amino acids include; enhancing the functions of the liver by assisting in the metabolism of fat cells. They prevent the build-up of cholesterol in the body and they also help in eliminating abnormal fat cells and fat deposits on various sites of the body. Complementary research also shows that when lipotropic agents are combined with Vitamin B-12 injections, they react to create a synergy between their molecules which facilitates exceptional burning of fat throughout your body. As long as you strictly follow your program and the advice from your physician all these combined metabolic processes will help you to lose a lot of fat in a very short time.

Using MIC Injections for Weight-loss

Losing weight is a major concern to more people living in America than any other part of the world. Maybe this can be attributed to our culture of constantly surviving on fast foods. But for this reason, various clinicians, scientists, and fitness gurus have come up with methods, action plans and even drugs that should help people cut down their weight, the question is, do these drugs really work? Many people have struggled for years with different weight loss programs and conventional weight loss methods and products, for some reason, a larger percentage of these people have never achieved the results they desire. The current market has been flooded with both exotic and generic products. You will be very surprised to find out that most of these products are fake. These drugs promise results without explaining how to get there or how the drugs actually work. With our MIC shots, the case is totally different. This weight loss medication is the number one solution that will make all your weight loss frustrations a matter of the past. Below is a detailed description of this medication and how it actually works.


Side effects of MIC Injections

There is no escaping the possibility of side effects with any supplement or weight loss aid. For that matter, even prescription medication has some form of side effects present. So, yes, there are going to be side effects with this, as with any other supplement you have ever taken in your life.

It is best to discuss use with your doctor prior to starting the lipotropic for injections to aid in weight loss. You want to know if there are complications with other medications you currently take, so you should consult with your doctor prior to starting use. Further, everyone is different. So, what might affect you in one way, is not going to affect the next person, and vice-versa. So, it is important to keep this in mind as well if you wish to use this as a weight loss aid.

Side effects are rare at the injection point. But they may occur. Many will have mild effects as well, so make sure to account for this prior to using the needles. Redness, swelling, or mild pain, are the major complained of issues; apart from this, you are not going to notice anything out of the ordinary at the injection site when using the needles. If these symptoms persist, you should speak to your doctor before you continue using them. In some cases, you might have to use an alternative shot, if one is giving you certain adverse reactions.

What else might happen? Other common risks/side effects which have been noted include:

  • Hives, shortness of breath, and other allergic reactions in some patients.
  • Nausea, heartburn, or other stomach conditions. If you have GI issues, consult with your doctor before you begin to use the injections.
  • Headaches and light-headedness are sometimes reported.

If any of these are persistent, you should speak to your doctor. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be too concerned with issues or side effects using the injections, as they are safe, and are natural vitamins and minerals you are injecting into your body. It is rare to experience side effects. Keep in mind it is a vitamin and mineral injection. Your body needs these sources. So, for most, you are not going to experience any of these issues, but if you do, consult with your doctor prior to continuing use.

MIC Injection

The components, composition, and background of Lipo/MIC shot

Generally, MIC shots are made up of lipotropic agents which help the body to break down fat during metabolism. Each and every component is essential because each one of them plays a role in the breaking down of fat, utilization of fat, distribution of energy and removal of toxins from the body.

Lipotropic injections ensure that the liver is functioning well and is it healthy all the time. This enhances its ability to perform its functions better and more efficiently. These injections also help to mobilize fat and prevent its accumulation on the primary fatty deposit regions like the inner thighs, the stomach, the neck, hips, buttocks and the underarms.

The amino acids found on the MIC include;

Methionine – This is a lipotropic agent that has characteristics that are similar to Inositol. It generally serves as an amplifier that speeds up the burning of fat and metabolic processes.

Inositol –This is a lipotropic agent that helps your liver to remove fat from your body.

Choline –This is another lipotropic agent that prevents fat and cholesterol from accumulating on one part of your body. It uniformly distributes this fat to various regions in the body where it can be metabolized to produce energy.

Vitamin B-12 has also been suggested by clinicians and highly appreciated by patients who have used it. It is described as a catalyst that speeds up metabolic reactions. Individually, B vitamins take part in metabolism and the breaking down of fat. They are related to lipotropics. When they are taken together, they are said to intensify each other’s effects to yield very incredible results.

Do these injections really work?

Even though some physicians may sell MIC shots as fat burning drugs, these compounds do not break down fat in the body. These injections accelerate the metabolism of fat in the body. This means that they help the liver to process the fat that has already been broken down. They also mobilize fat throughout the body to the sites where they are required for use. In order to benefit from these injections, you should have a rapid weight loss program in place. You can indulge in various training and exercises, you can work on your diet and cut down your calorie intake or seek advice from a medical supervisor. If you efficiently incorporate these injections to your daily routine, you will see outstanding results in no time.

How do they work exactly?

The liver performs many functions in the body. Its major functions are detoxification and metabolism. When you begin using lipotropic injections, the amino acids stimulate the liver and encourage it to optimize the process of metabolism. This is to say that these injections boost your bodies energy by providing a temporary but highly effective increase in metabolic rates and processes in your body. After some time, the effects of these substances wear off and the body regains its normal metabolic rates. If you administer these injections regularly together with regular exercises and a low-calorie intake in your diet, its formulas will help you to get rid of fat and increase your body’s energy using the ATP from the metabolized fat and the energy promoting characteristics of vitamin B-12.

The MIC shots are made up of compounds with different functions. Some compounds that can be found in the injections include:

Methionine Structure Methionine  This is abbreviated as ‘M’ on the “MIC”. Methionine is an essential amino acid. This means that it cannot be naturally synthesized in your body. It is a lipotropic agent which performs multiple functions. Some of its functions include; Helping the body to break down fat in the liver, lowering cholesterol in the body and preventing fat from depositing and accumulating at specific sites in the body, it energizes your body by preventing and relieving fatigue, it has the ability to limit the release of histamine which can be very useful in allergy cases.

Methionine can be directly consumed from foods like fish, eggs, meat, cheese, spinach, brazil nuts potatoes and other specified seed plants. It can also be ingested through Methionine supplements. These are very good sources of this amino acid but it is most effective when administered in form of an injection because the body absorbs and utilizes all of it immediately. When you take methionine through injections, your muscles will rapidly achieve a very high concentration which is more effective in the elimination of fatty deposits and mobilization of fat from your body.

The benefits of methionine include;

  • It makes your liver more healthy and it minimizes your chances of contracting a liver disease.
  • It enhances your skin tone and elasticity.
  • It produces creatine so it will nourish your hair, your nails and also enhance your muscular and cardiovascular functions.
  • It can be used to treat immature ejaculation, Parkinson’s disease, chronic depression, and pancreatitis.

Clinical research has also proved that it can greatly improve the alcohol-induced histological changes in your liver. The study showed that the content of triglyceride decreased substantially depending on the dosage and increased administration of methionine.

Inositol  This lipotropic is abbreviated as ‘I’ on the “MIC”. It is a type B vitamin that functions to promote the health of cell structures and the synapses of the nerves. It serves to reduce cholesterol in your body system, enhance the metabolism of fats and facilitate the proper functioning of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that controls your moods and your appetite. Inositol can be best defined as a carbocyclic polyol which forms the basis of the secondary messengers and signaling molecules. It takes part in numerous biological processes which include; reducing the cholesterol in the blood serum, gene expression, modulation of serotonin activities, transduction of insulin signals and enhancing the breakdown of fat. It is not considered as a real vitamin because it cannot be naturally synthesised by the body. Nevertheless, it has proved to be a very effective tool in the treatment of conditions such as panic disorders, fatty liver, depression, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. It also facilitates the optimal functioning of the brain.

Inositol can be naturally found in foods like beans, nuts, melons, and grains. You can directly ingest it from these foods but it is most effective when taken in larger quantities and that is mainly through injections. An individual who is deficient of inositol will show symptoms of hair loss, constipation and vision problems. This lipotropic agent plays a very important role in general body metabolism and body functions.

Choline  Choline is abbreviated as ‘C’ in the “MIC”. It is a lipotropic amino acid which helps to support the liver in excretion of chemicals and toxic waste products. It plays a very important role, it is required for the metabolism and transportation of fats to different sites in the body. This facilitates the development and support of the cardiovascular system, the hepatic system, and the endocrine system.

From a number of studies that were performed on this lipotropic, results showed that:

  • Methionin Structure

    Methionin Structure

    Choline can promote general liver health by promoting cholesterol homeostasis. Choline supplements normalize the metabolism of cholesterol to levels that are sufficient to prevent the development of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, it also improves the general functioning of the liver.

  • Choline can induce insulin and glucose intolerance through the modulation of plasma glucagon and its related actions in the liver.
  • The supplementation of choline to dairy cows reduced the concentration of liver triacylglycerol in the cows during the first four weeks after parturition. This study suggested that choline can improve the hepatic fat export in periparturient cows during their transition periods. This can potentially reduce the risk of metabolic disorders in the cow.

Other properties of choline include;

  • It is involved in the synthesis of carnitine, neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and all membrane phospholipids.
  • It helps in brain development and memory and it supports the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

It can be found in natural food which includes; beef, eggs, peanuts, soya beans, cauliflower, and lettuce.

Vitamin B-12. This B-12 vitamin plays a very important role in DNA replication. It is also incorporated onto the MIC plus injection and it facilitates the normal functioning of the nervous system and the formation of blood cells. Vitamin B12 is usually used in conjunction with other B vitamins. It bonds to proteins in food then it is released during digestion by the stomach acids. After it has been released, it combines with and intrinsic factor then it is absorbed into the blood. It is water soluble and it can be found in foods such as eggs, meat, fish, shellfish and dairy products.

some key benefits of vitamin B-12 include.

  • It boosts energy production and overall metabolic rates.
  • It helps to burn stored body fat.
  • It increases the production of red blood cells.
  • It takes part in the detoxification of the body system.
  • It regulates sleep and helps to maintain a healthy liver.
  • It slows down the aging process and it also works with other nutrients to improve your health.

B-complex. The super B complex is a specific blend of B-Vitamins which act as potentiators for fat loss. The B complex is formed by 8 specific nutrients each with their own specified functions and purposes. Some of their main functions include;

  • To assist the body in handling stress.
  • Increasing your energy and improving your brain functions.
  • Optimization of cardiovascular health.
  • Maintaining optimal metabolism at all times.

L-CarnitineCarnitine is another important amino acid which is needed for the adequate transport and breaking down of-of fat in the body to generate metabolic energy. Numerous studies indicate that orally ingesting L-carnitine supplements can greatly decrease your mass, preserve your muscles during your exercise and reduce your general body fatigue. The latest studies show that it also regulates muscle fuel selection. This means that it helps to decide whether your body’s muscles will utilize the energy from the metabolism of carbohydrates or the energy from fat molecules. it requires a higher dosage if ingested orally but when administered as an injection, The nutrients are directly absorbed by the muscles and utilized by the body.

Where can you buy genuine MIC/Lipo Injections online?

Lipo injections are not over the counter drugs. They cannot be purchased online. To obtain a genuine set of lipo injections, you require a formal prescription from a licensed physician. You can easily and conveniently send us your prescription and we will make sure we deliver so that you can experience the true benefits of these weight loss drugs.

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With MIC shots, all the work you put on cutting down your weight will yield fruits. As long as you stick to your program, you will experience astonishing results. Apart from a healthier body size and weight, these injections will keep you energized, cleanse your body and help you to get rid of various toxins. You can purchase these injections from our pharmacy today and experience a better quality of life.

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