Inositol Overview – Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

What is Inositol

Inositol, a pseudovitamin naturally produced by animals and plants, has a chemical structure similar to glucose, C6H12O6. With a sweetness lower than sugar’s, this carbohydrate is mostly referred to as myo-inositol. Inositol is a vital component that makes up MIC injections. It is also used in many other Lipotropic injections in different combinations.

As an important component in various phosphates (PPI and PI) and structural lipids, Inositol is also highly utilized in eukaryotic and secondary messenger cells’ foundations. Together with its phosphates, myo-inositol is readily found in cantaloupe and oranges.

Inositol and Your Body

As a primary function, this dietary supplement retains fats which collect from your body especially in the liver. It is found in many energy drinks due to its high efficiency in generating energy from nutrients.

Working alongside neurotransmitters to circulate messages, Inositol is highly concentrated in the brain and heart.

Inositol Health Benefits

Anxiety Relief

Across the medical board, inositol is among the best anxiety relief drugs with minimal side effects. By taking it, your GABA receptors are boosted and anxiety symptoms consequently lowered. When the receptor levels are depleted, you can lose your cool pretty quickly!

People who are often anxious have low serotonin levels; including inositol in their diets regulates these levels and creates a calm, composed mindset.

Inositol Dosage

When starting off, 200-4000 mg taken daily is the recommended dosage. After each week, you can add 1000 mg as your body naturally builds tolerance. This steady increase should be maintained until the dosage peaks at 18000 mg.

Note: Though the dosage seems high, inositol is an all-natural remedy and has mostly mild side effects.

Treating OCD with Inositol

Also caused by depleted serotonin, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be managed with inositol. When taken, it converts into 2 neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain before regulating serotonin levels.

Many OCD patients have shown gradual and remarkable improvement after using this supplement. OCD patients should avoid caffeine as it decreases inositol levels and instead increases brain activity.

Promoting Quality Sleep with Inositol

If you frequently experience insomnia, it probably has to do with over-thinking. Our brains are unable to rest, generating thoughts which keep us awake. Serotonin guides the thought process; when it is imbalanced, sleep might be hard to come by.

To create an ambient environment for sound and deep sleep, Inositol maintains optimal serotonin levels. If some GABA receptors aren’t functioning properly, inositol takes up the role.

Hair Growth and Care with Inositol

Are you experiencing hair fall or an itchy scalp? You might be deficient in inositol. This can be largely due to;

Caffeine intake – Too much alcohol, coffee, and tea lowers Inositol levels; this contributes to poor hair and general health conditions.

Diet lacking in inositol – Most people forego inositol and Vitamin B supplements. This natural remedy is found in many fruits and vegetables available at the grocery store.

Other Inositol Benefits Include;

-Improving blood circulation
-Helping in weight loss
-Fighting depression symptoms
-Detoxifying the liver when used together with choline
-Treatment of cancer (Inositol hexaphosphate)
-Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome
-Relieving diabetic pain

This supplement will possibly be ineffective in treating Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and Schizophrenia.

Possible Side Effects of Inositol

As a naturally occurring substance, Inositol presents minimal and rare side effects. For first time users, these effects are in form of irritation and rashes; with time, the body will fix them by itself.

Though no conclusive research have shown adverse side effects in pregnant and nursing mothers, they should avoid consuming Inositol unless advised otherwise by their physicians.

When consuming Vitamin-B supplements, nausea is a relatable side effect. Your body has to gradually get used to Inositol before nausea can subside. Taking lower dosages when starting familiarizes the body with this remedy.

Besides the discussed effects, this supplement can present other side effects when used together with substances; these effects are attributed to these substances. All in all, Inositol is safe for consumption when taken in the recommended doses.


With its many applications, Inositol repairs your body’s GABA receptors, giving you the peace of mind you need to wind off after a long day. Within its first use, this remedy soothes your mind, delivering quick and safe results. By taking this natural supplement, your general health improves remarkably.