Frequently Asked Questions by Patient’s

I am interested in your compounds, can you recommend a physician for me?

For certain compounds we can provide you with a tele-medicine provider who can help you out.

How long will my order be held for pick up?

If the order is sent back to the pharmacy we will throw that order away and have to go about getting you another order filled and shipped out.

Is a signature required for delivery?

A signature is not required for delivery but you do have the option to request a signature at your own expense.

Can I have someone else pick up my medication?

No someone else can not pick up your medication.

Can you do automatic refills?

We would require another prescription from the office/clinic

What happens if I did not receive my medication or my package is lost during transit?

It is really hard for us to lose a package. All of our products are assign tracking numbers when they are shipped out so you are able to track the package the whole way.

Do I need to have a prescription to order your products?

We do require a prescription to order our products.

Can I order my refills online?

Certain products will be available for refill online.

Why was my script called into your pharmacy and not my neighborhood pharmacy?

There are very few FDA registered compound pharmacies, as the requirements are VERY strict

Absolute Pharmacy is a certified NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) – VPP (Verified Pharmacy Program)

This is another STRICT certification that is backed by the NABP directly.

Why did my doctor tell me to use Absolute Pharmacy versus another compounding pharmacy?

For our amazing products and customer service!!!!

My doctor is calling in a script to your pharmacy. What should I do?

Every physician has their own system in place to notify their patients on their prescription. Make sure you ask them during a free consultation.

How can I get my prescription transferred to Absolute Pharmacy?

Simple ask your physician to fill out our quick and easy online enrollment form once they fill that out and we ver

How long will it take for my prescription to be filled?

Absolute Pharmacy is one of the few large compound facilities still providing same day shipments on prescriptions if sent in early enough. While the others are taking 4-7 days to fill, we are still popping them out fast. (Obviously certain circumstances may interfere, but in general, we are golden!)

How can I get a price on my prescription?

We deal directly with physicians and clinics (b2b). We would require some information which you can provide us here

Can you send an email notification with my shipment tracking information?

Yes we can do that. All packages are issued a tracking number as soon as they are filled.

Can you call my doctor for refills?

We can not call your doctor for refills but most clinics and office make getting a refill a very simple process.

Why was my prescription not filled when my doctor called it in?

It would be a rare occasion that a prescription would not be filled when it is received by our pharmacy. Certain situations may take longer than one day to process but in most cases we are golden.

How do I dispose of unused medicines?

You can dispose of unused medicine in a trash container

What kinds of prescriptions can be compounded?

We are a major compounding pharmacy but we do have restrictions If you have a custom compound please contact us at

Will my insurance cover compounded medications?

Some insurances will cover certain compounds. That would be a good question

Does my doctor know about compounding?

He should know about compounding but just in case he doesn’t please have him go on our website and learn how he can benefit from being part of a winning team.