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MK 677

MK 677 stimulates the production of our natural growth hormone which grants it its ability to increase and maintain lean muscle mass more effectively while reducing muscle waste.

It is crucial for the increase of bone density and has anti-aging properties which may increase longevity.



  • Improved Muscle Mass, Less Muscle Waste
  • Decrease In Body Fat
  • Improved Bone Density
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Improved Longevity
  • Improved Memory and Cognitive Function
  • Prevents Hormone Deficiency
  • Improves Recovery Time and Helps Rebuild Tissue


MK 677 has not produced very many side effects for its users, but certain populations may have certain side effects to look out for. Individuals who are vulnerable to insulin sensitivity or who have Diabetes may be at risk when taking MK-677. Older individuals who had a previous heart condition are at a risk of heart failure when using MK 677.

In healthy individuals, there does not seem to be any harmful side effects that have been discovered, but further research is always needed to assure consumers of that.  Always consult a physician before starting any type of new product introduced into your system.


ABSOLUTE PHARMACY DRUGS are compounded under the stringent USP guidelines. With a process that ensures the potency, consistency, uniformity, and beyond use dating (BUD) of every compound we dispense. For more information on this medication and its administration, feel free to contact us.