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If you are searching for a local Oklahoma compounding pharmacy, either as a doctor or as a patient, choosing the right one with the sterile equipment and sufficiently trained personnel to prepare the medication, you need safely is crucial. Provided they are manufactured at the right facility, compound drugs are completely safe to use. The latest sterile compound pharmacies use the same apparatus that credible commercial drug firms utilize while manufacturing their medications. They also appear more like laboratories besides being equipped with state-of-the-art air purification systems, hygienically clean rooms, and precise electronic balances among other sophisticated equipment to make sure any medication they produce in their facilities are not only precisely dosed but also pure.
Absolute Pharmacy is your ultimate choice, equipped with the right top-quality equipment and as such exclusively manufactures high-quality and pure compounded medications. Additionally, our licensed pharmacists oversee the production of all our compounds. Absolute pharmacy, therefore, is your preferred option for any form of medicine compounding that you may require for veterinary, clinic, sports medicine, dental, pediatric, anti-aging, Women’s and Men’s health, hormone, dermatology or any other purpose. Rest assured that our compounded medications are always pure; our pharmacy is the most favored choice for physicians and patients. We can readily ship virtually all our compounded medications. You can find more info about compounding here and here We are located in Lutz, FL but we are fully licensed in Oklahoma.

1. Make sure the Oklahoma compounding pharmacy meets all regulations.

While looking for a compound pharmacy in Oklahoma, it is important to check that the one you are considering is regulated, in its state of operation, by the relevant Board of Pharmacy. Note that the FDA doesn’t certify compounding pharmacies; it instead delegates the responsibility of regulating local pharmacies to each state’s association of pharmacy. Each state has own requirements relating to the practices of compounding pharmacy manufacture, record keeping, marking, ingredients sourcing among other guidelines. The drugstore you intend to use, either as a patient or physician, must be regulated or supervised by the region’s Board of Pharmacy. You can confirm this detail by contacting the relevant state’s board of pharmacy to establish if the pharmacy is indeed licensed. Despite the fact each state regulates its compounding pharmacists, they are under obligation to use FDA ratified ingredients, and the FDA, in their discretion, may inspect pharmacies. Compounding pharmacists are required to buy their constituents from FDA-sanctioned re-packagers.

USP Regulations

In addition to the FDA and states board of pharmacy regulations, there are guidelines that the USP (US Pharmacopeial Convention) came up with that has set a benchmark for other requirements of compounded medications including purity, effectiveness, and ingredients. The state boards of pharmacy or the FDA can enforce these Standards of Care that have been if force since 1982. At Absolute Pharmacy, we follow all the USP reference standards while producing all our compounded medications. The USPs guidelines are continually regulated from time to time by more than 900 volunteer professionals; any compounding pharmacy claiming to prepare safe and trustworthy medications ought to abide by the standards. Additionally, the methods utilized by a compounding pharmacy must be previously verified and ascertained to be safe, besides the formula receiving approval from an authorized and qualified pharmacist.

2. Make sure the ingredients used by the pharmacy come from FDA-sanctioned distributors

All right Oklahoma compounding pharmacies buy their raw materials wholly from suppliers that have been approved by FDA. Those Oklahoma compounding pharmacies that obtain their ingredients from vendors who are not approved by FDA produce compounds with questionable quality, purity, strength, and safety. Mostly, such unscrupulous pharmacies are not regulated by the state board of pharmacy and are unworthy to buy compounded medications from. Licensed compounding pharmacies always acquire their ingredients from trustworthy, safe and hence FDA approved sources. FDA approved distributors are required to ensure their ingredients batches are tested for quality and safety at an independent lab and obtain a COA (Certificate of Analysis). The COA serves as an assurance that the ingredient batch is pure. Any pharmacy that produces compounds from the batch also receives a COA copy, and physicians are at liberty to ask for the copy to confirm the purity of the ingredients. Alternatively, the pharmacy can send the physician to its supplier who can then supply more evidence on ingredient purity.

3. UPS guidelines for sterile compounding pharmacies

The UPS additionally sets guidelines for germ-free compounding in Oklahoma that the finest compounding pharmacists should follow. USP<797> is a document that outlines clearly the guidelines for sterile compound medicines productions, and the FDA enforces them. It details all the essential requirements for manufacturing compounded medications to ensure they are safe for public consumption, and besides all sterile compounding pharmacists following the guidelines, they have the right equipment necessary to meet the standards. Absolute Pharmacy follows all the guidelines outlined in USP <797> thus ensuring proper sterile compound production that guarantees the strength, quality, as well as purity of all our compounded medications.

4. Sterile Cleanroom and suitable facilities

Compounding pharmacists should possess the right equipment so as to prepare germ-free compounded medications because there is a slight danger of airborne contamination during the production of compounded medicines, just like other hygienic products. The ISO is responsible for the formulation of airborne particulate reference standards, has developed the ISO classification. The classification outlines the number of particles measuring 0.5 m and above in diameter in every cubic meter of air.

ISO classification

For reference purposes, an urban setting has more than 35,000,000 particles in every cubic meter of air, which falls into an ISO Class 9 cleanroom. Independent Authorities cannot authorize such a contamination level for sterile drug preparation. An ISO Class 5 surrounding should be used to prepare compounded medications according to USP<797>, and it should be situated in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. ISO Class 5 cleanroom contains a maximum of 3,250 particles measuring at least 0.5 m per cubic meter.


Absolute Pharmacy has an ISO Class 5 cleanroom, which meets USP <797> standards and as such is suitable for preparing safely any compounded medication. Our advanced compounding pharmacy is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment necessary to produce safe compounded medicines; we also abide by the latest USP standards for compounded drug productions. So, if you are a medical practitioner, or a patient, searching for a safe, trustworthy and certified compounding pharmacy that utilizes the latest sterile equipment when preparing its medications, look no further than Absolute Pharmacy. Contact us now for more information.

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