Vitamin B12 Injections

A jolt of energy with B12

Was a Vitamin b12 deficiency possibly what was holding you back from your weight loss goals? How about a shot of B12 finally pushing you over the top to ascertain the goal you’ve been working to reach. B12 injections will offer: instant energy release, increased metabolism, and will finally help get you over the plateau you’ve been sitting on for so long.

Metabolism of folic acid & B12

Metabolism of folic acid & B12

Sure, we know vitamins are essential to providing our bodies the nutrients it needs to survive and sustain itself. But, most of us don’t consider this deficiency to be a potential cause for the reason we aren’t losing the weight we are trying to. And, in many cases it just might be! You need to give your body what it requires to stay healthy and function normally; and, this does include the adequate dosage of vitamin B12.

What is Vitamin B12?

It is an essential nutrient which helps the body: produce blood cells, guarantee proper nerve function, and provide our bodies with energy. Cobalamin is another term which is interchanged for the vitamin; animal sources such as eggs, dairy, and even fish can provide us with the vitamin. Since it doesn’t synthesize in the body, we need to fuel our body with B12 through diet. More and more people are deficient in B12, simply because we don’t find it in nearly a half of the foods we consume daily.

The water-soluble vitamin helps prevent anemia; our recommended daily intake is 2.4 mg daily. If not met by diet and supplementation, various other deficiencies can present themselves, and our bodies can become susceptible to many ailments/diseases.

Chemical structure of Vitamin B12

Chemical structure of Vitamin B12

Am I deficient? Signs & Symptoms of deficiencies

Vegans and vegetarians are often deficient, however many other people also fall into the category. And, like other deficiencies, common signs or symptoms will let you know you might be missing Vitamin B12 in your diet. Chron’s disease, GI issues, and alcoholism, are a few of the problems which might arise in those who are deficient. When deficiencies arise, several sign/symptoms may present themselves.

  1. Neurological Symptoms: Among the symptoms one might experience are:

  • Irregular reflexes and tightness or numbness in the limbs.
  • Weakness of the arms and legs or balance related issues.
  • Abnormal gait and dizziness.
  • Memory loss, difficulty remembering things, dementia.
  • Restless legs.
  • Vision disturbances or tremors.
  • Impotence, urinary problems.
  1. Blood Cell symptoms:

  • Anemia or general weakness.
  • Fatigue, pallor, or shortness of breath.
  • General weakness of the body and limbs.

  1. Symptoms in infants and children:

  • Development delays or problems with regression.
  • Apathy, irritability, or hypotonia.
  • Tremors and involuntary movements.
  • Ataxia or seizures.
  • Failure to thrive, issues with head growth.
  • Loss of appetite, problems with weight gain and development.
  • Issues with communication or socialization, language delays, poor motor skills.
  • Anemia and speech related issues.
  • Mental retardation or lower than average IQ scores.

  1. Psychiatric related symptoms:

  • Irritability, change in moods, depression.
  • Paranoia or changes in personality.
  • Mania and psychosis.
  • Violent behavior or hallucinations.

Prolonged or chronic deficiencies tend to lead to such drastic symptoms. Remember not everyone will experience these. And, some cases are worst than others. So, bear in mind that if you are deficient, you aren’t going to suffer from all, or even any of these deficiencies, if it is properly treated with supplementation. Taking B12 routinely is a great way to ensure deficiencies aren’t present, and to ensure you or a loved one, don’t suffer from these drastic symptoms which might result if you allow too much time to progress.

The roles B12 plays & The tasks it performs in our system

With all the listed signs/symptoms, you can decipher for yourself how important the vitamin really is. So, it must provide us with many different benefits throughout the day as well, right? Yes, vitamin B12 is not only essential but will help our bodies with many routine functions it performs during the course of the day.

So, what exactly is Vitamin B12 responsible for? These are a few areas it helps us with during the course of a day.

  1. DNA Synthesis -DNA makes us unique; it is the genetic makeup which differentiates us from one another. For DNA to synthesize, Vitamin B12 must be present in our systems.
  2. Development & General Growth-From childhood to adulthood, it helps us grow. For this very reason, it is important to make sure you aren’t deficient from an early age. It also helps produce cellular energy necessary for growth. So, if a deficiency is noted, the earlier you treat it, the better it will be for overall health and optimal growth levels.
  3. Decreasing possibility of heart disease -Vitamin B12 can help diminish the chance you might suffer from certain heart conditions. It reduces homocysteine levels, which is an amino-acid holding the possibility of leading to certain heart conditions. Stroke, blood clotting, and other conditions are also possible if such levels are high. Vitamin B12 helps keep these levels at bay. It also protects the heart from high bad cholesterol levels.  Administering B6 and B12 has also been studied and has shown to help decrease the risk of certain unfavorable cardiac problems. However, this should only be used when prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Cancer prevention -It has been tested and proven to help in the prevention of several types of cancer, when taken routinely. Cancer & Causes Control studies indicated that women who used Vitamin B12 supplementation, were less likely to contract a certain form of ovarian cancer than those non-users. It won’t prevent (on its own), but can help prevent, or lessen the chances of contracting certain forms of cancer. Other studies suggest some breast cancer sufferers might be B12 deficient. Lung, colon, and prostate cancers can also be prevented when using B12 supplementation on a routine basis.
  5. Helps preserve our energy levels – If you are often tired or fatigued, you might simply be deficient in Vitamin B12. And, if this is the case, you aren’t alone. B12 provides the body the fuel it needs, without it, you are obviously going to feel tired. By converting carbs into glucose, B12 gives your body the instant jolt of energy it is missing; you will instantly notice lethargy levels dissipate. And, if you feel sluggish or lack of energy, it will instantly improve upon itself, when you are supplementing with vitamin B12.
  6. Pernicious Anemia? Help prevent the onset -This health condition is common in those who are deficient in B12; the condition results in the inability to produce new red blood cells, causing weakness, brittle hair and nails, hairloss, and a series of other problems. These levels can be restored when you increase B12 via supplementation. Injections are the preferred method, as they are instantly ingested by the blood stream, and will work faster than other forms of supplementation might work.
  7. Mental power and emotional stabilization -Healthy body and organ function are attained when B12 levels are where they should be. If you suffer from memory loss, this is a great supplement to consider taking. It improves mental capacity and balance, helps with retention, and has even been given to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, to help them remember certain things.
  8. Eczema sufferer? Immediate relief for your skin conditionWhen applied to the skin, it can help resolve certain forms of eczema. Decreased severity and outbreaks are noted far less frequency in patients who use such supplements for the skin condition. It is vital for skin/nail health, so it can also aid those who suffer from such skin condition as eczema.

Weight loss: Is B12 what I’ve been missing?

Lower energy levels, fatigue, restlessness, are noted as a few of the issues you might suffer from above, if you suffer from a deficiency. Further, low blood pressure and muscle weakness are often reported with sufferers as well. But, what if this is what has been preventing you from losing weight all along as well? If you simply can’t stand to exercise, follow a balanced diet, or are always tired, you might just be answering the questions you’ve been asking yourself for so long now.

So, what is the solution to your problem? No, B12 alone is not going to help you lose 20 pounds overnight. However, when you start to use the injections, along with a balanced diet, you might finally see those pounds you’ve been struggling to lose, start to come off. By converting the carbs we consume into fuel, B12 won’t store it into sugar; this in and of itself is essential to the struggles you’ve been dealing with for so long now.

It will help you digest foods faster. It will help to rev up your metabolism that has been lingering along so slowly. And, it is of course going to provide you with the much needed energy you haven’t had, to get to the gym, and get through your daily routine, without feeling dead tired on your feet by day’s end. You’ll end the lulls and afternoon slump, you’ll feel energy instantly, and you are going to feel motivated to want to continue on the path you are going on, as you are going to start to see the weight come off almost instantly when you begin using the injections.

One of the main benefits of injections is they are immediate. You are going to have those energy increases the minute you use the injection. No edgy crash either, as is the case with energy drinks or other supplements which are packed with caffeine, only to drag you down a couple of hours later. The role B12 plays in metabolizing fat is truly spectacular, and your body is going to become a fat burning furnace instantly once you are adjusting proper levels, and are eating a balanced diet as well. It will instantly put the energy levels where you need them to be, so you can start and see the results you have been dying to see.

The ability to extract vitamins from food, is another major benefit of B12, which is going to aid you in the weight loss efforts you have been trying to achieve. It is basically going to give the body what it needs, a nutritious diet, and the body will no longer crave those highly processed foods you shouldn’t be consuming at all. This in and of itself is going to lead to greater weight loss, lower calorie consumption, which is instantly going to lead to more weight lost, even if you are not otherwise compensating in other areas of your diet or exercise regimen you have been following for some time.

B12 and hCG: Should I be combining these injections for optimal results?

The use of both HCG and B12 injections, has been increasing in popularity in recent years. The reason being is that both of these injections can promote weight loss and can help you lose more, in a shorter period of time. So, using both of them together is going to  produce even greater results, right?

Keep in mind that weight loss is a complicated journey that you are going to go through; it is not a straight line and it is not going to go at the same rate for each person who is on the road. You become drained easily; and, when one effort to lose the weight is not working, many people tend to jump onto different schemes instantly in an effort to compensate, and to lose a higher amount in a shorter period of time.

The benefit of hcg alongside B12 is the simple fact that they can both aid in weight loss; but, unlike other products out there, they are not going to seep away the energy levels you need to keep going. On the contrary, you are going to have far more energy to help you get through your days with the two injections.

HCG is a hormone which is naturally produced during pregnancy; it is intended to support the development and provide sufficient levels of nutrients to the baby in the mother’s womb. It does this by signaling the release of fat hormone in the body, and this is achieved when calorie intake is on the lower end. So, your metabolism is not going to slow down if you are consuming fewer calories. You are going to burn more, the body is energized, and it is going to continue to speed up the metabolism, which means you are naturally going to burn more calories,and are going to achieve higher results in the weight loss department as well.

The brain center is where the hcg hormone works, and releases the energy needed to burn the fat. It sets off your brain to burn more, absence the intake of more food (i.e. a greater intake of calories each day). Therefore, it has been noted that hcg has helped fight against the weight gain which is typical on lower calorie diets, and has the opposite effect, which is going to help the body burn more, so it is naturally going to lose more fat, and you are going to shed more pounds, in less time.

Vitamin B12 also helps enhance the metabolism and it is going to provide you with more energy. So, it is no wonder so many people think that both of these working side by side, is going to produce greater results as you are trying to reach your weight loss goals. It might work for you, but it is best to first speak to your doctor, to find out if it is safe for you to use both of the injections at the same time.

Supplement: B12 options available

Oral supplements or intra-muscular (IM) injections are available when it comes to supplementing for a deficiency in B12. sprays and tablets are available in the oral form; however, injections are the preferred method for most users who have a deficiency. Methyl-cobalmin, hydroxy, cyano, and deoxydenosyl, are the forms which are available for injections of B12. Cyanocobalmin is the most commonly administered of the forms, but it is also considered the lowest quality. On the flip side, hyrdoxycobalmin offers imporved absorption levels in the system, and is therefore a superior alternative for the injection form.

Why choose injection over oral supplements?

Distribution and absorption are complex, due to the fact that B12 is a structurally complicated vitamin. Use of needles allows the vitamin to instantly enter into the bloodstream, so it is more direct, and it is going to have an immediate effect on those who choose this alternative form of supplementation for B12. it enables the body to surpass obstacles, and guarantees higher absorption rates as well.

Oral supplements result in only 1% of absorption, due to the acids and digestive enzymes present in our system. Further, intrinsic factors are necessary for high absorption rates. When consumed orally, such rates are not achieved, so users are not going to receive nearly as much as they are actually taking in the dosage form they are prescribed. Those who aren’t likely to show compliance to oral supplements, should also rely on IM injections. Injections appear to be far more effective, and the users are going to garner a much higher dosage than otherwise in the pill or the spray variety of the supplement.

B12 injection varieties: what’s right for you?

As noted above, there is more than one type of injection available in the Vitamin B12 category. So, understanding how these work, the absorption rates, and how your body is going to react to each one, is critical to ensure you make the right choice. So, what are your options when it comes to choosing the injection for the supplementation needs?

Cyanocobalamin injectionAs noted above, this is the most often prescribed injection form of the supplement. It is also the least painful of the three options, and can be administered via pill (under the tongue) or in injection form. The reason it is the most often used is that it is the cheapest of the options available to patients.

You should be aware of some processes if you are considering this form. To be converted to methylcobalamin it has to undergo a series of processes in the body. This alone is going to cause slower absorption rates with this injection. This is to ensure it can be absorbed into the body through the bloodstream. Smokers and tobacco users can’t process this form of the B12 injection either.

If you are trying to lose weight, and looking for the cheapest solution, this is it. But, keep in mind it is also the least effective, it is not directly absorbed into the bloodstream, and it is going to take longer than the other forms in order to be processed through your system. So, it is going to take a longer period of time to have any positive effects on the users as well.

Methylcobalamin injectionThis is the second option when you consider injections for B12 supplementation. Since they are recommended for smokers, it is also far more popular than the first option available. This is somewhat more uncomfortable for patients when they are administering the shot through intramuscular injection. So, this should be noted for those who are sensitive to injections or needles, prior to use.

They have been shown to help speed up the metabolism when used for weight loss. It also has been shown to provide the body with the optimal amount of the nutrient which is required, in order to ensure the users are not deficient in the vitamin either. This helps the body burn fat sources, which is naturally going to result in greater weight loss for users as well.


Hydroxocobalamin injectionOf the three, this is the most bio-active option available to users. For weight loss and energy benefits, it is the superior choice. It is also the safest of the three options, and since it is most potent, you are going to attain the highest dosage when injecting. But, bear in mind that this is also going to make it the costliest of the three injections you can use. For those who want results, this is the way to go, even if it means you are going to pay a bit more for it.

Many patients do feel discomfort when used; but, keep in mind this also means fewer injections have to be administered, since you are getting the highest level of the injection. The body will not only absorb higher levels, it also ensures you are receiving the purest, highest dosage possible when injecting.

It is most effective for people suffering from cyanide poisoning. Success rates are highest for weight loss efforts. For those who want to see the best results, this might be the way to go, even though it is the costliest of the three.

Lipotropic B12 InjectionsWhat these are is a combination of essential vitamins the body requires, alongside the powerful Vitamin B12 we’ve been detailing above. Commonly referred to as MIC 12 injections, patients are going to realize the full benefits of the essential nutrients, along with the B12 they’ve been deficient in for so long.You’ll get: Inositol, Choline, Methionine, and other essential nutrients, which are all geared towards helping improve weight loss efforts.

To help boost energy levels, you can take these injections up to twice weekly. Although results are going to differ for each user, you might notice an increase in energy, and far greater weight loss results over time as well. This is possibly the healthiest tool you have at your discretion, and you are basically feeding it the nutrients it requires to survive. With the lipotropic, you get the benefits of enhanced weight loss, and nutritional support you need to lose the weight you’ve been struggling to take off for so long now. Plus, you will have the benefit of supported liver function from the lipotropic.

Side effects: what you should be aware of?

With such low toxicity levels, B12 injections don’t cause harmful side effects for most users. Even a high dose doesn’t pose much of a threat to users, unless Leber’s disease is an underlying issue. If it can’t be used by the body, it will simply be dispelled. It is also highly rare to have any allergies, but it is best to speak to your doctor if allergies are something you suffer from regularly or with other medications.

You must be fully aware of what you are injecting, as is the case with anything you consume or put into your body. And, each person is different, for this reason you have to speak to your doctor prior to using the injections, to ensure they are safe for you to use. When purchasing, make sure you only do so from a licensed online pharmacist for the injections. You should only use under doctor supervision for safety.

So, now onto the side effects. What are some of the possible side effects you might notice, which have been reported from other users?

  • Swelling, puffiness, and redness at the injection site.
  • Nausea or upset stomach. Headaches and migraines.
  • Joint pain.
  • Mild diarrhea.
  • Body swelling.

Remember, these are not common. As vitamin B12 is water soluble, water retention is common. And, if these side effects are noted, you simply should speak to your doctor prior to continuing to use it regularly. If redness at the application point, make sure to note this with your doctor as well, to find out if other methods are available for consumption.

If something feels “off” or the needles isn’t entering the body seamlessly, also make sure you discuss this with your doctor. When ordering your injections, make sure you are cautious of who you are ordering from. Only order from US based pharmacies, and make sure they are fully licensed and certified to sell these injections online. You want to know exactly what is going into our body, so take the time to research prior to placing your order. This is the only way to reduce the possibility of putting unknown substances, which might be dangerous into your body on a routine basis.

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