MIC ( Methionine Inositol Choline)

MIC injections are a mix of lipotropic compounds that when combined, help the liver to breakdown fat creating an express pathway to a faster metabolic rate and weight loss.
A Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a genuine weight loss product that has been technologically manufactured and advanced using the latest clinical science to effectively help your body to burn fat more efficiently. When MIC injections are administered together with a diet of low calories and frequent exercise, this medication produces outstanding results. It is made up of a formula that consists of several lipotropics which are amino acids, whose function is to mobilize fat cells in your body. Other functions of these amino acids include: preventing cholesterol build-up, elimination of fat deposits and hepatic support.



  • MIC shots are made up of lipotropic agents which help the body in the breaking down and usage of fat. Each and every component is essential because each one of them plays a role in the breaking down of fat, utilization of fat, distribution of energy and removal of toxins from the body.

    Lipotropic injections ensure that the liver is functioning properly. This enhances its ability to perform its functions better and more efficiently. These injections also help to mobilize fat and prevent its accumulation on the primary fatty deposit regions like the inner thighs, the stomach, the neck, hips, buttocks and the underarms.

    The amino acids found on the MIC include:

    Methionine – This is abbreviated as ‘M’ on the “MIC”. Methionine is an essential amino acid. This means that it cannot be naturally synthesized in your body. It is a lipotropic agent which performs multiple functions, some of which are: helping the body to break down fat in the liver, lowering cholesterol in the body and preventing fat from depositing and accumulating at specific sites in the body, it energizes your body by preventing and relieving fatigue, it has the ability to limit the release of histamine which can be very useful in allergy cases. Methionine can be directly consumed from foods like fish, eggs, meat, cheese, spinach, brazil nuts potatoes and other specified seed plants. It can also be ingested through Methionine supplements. These are very good sources of this amino acid but it is most effective when administered in form of an injection because the body absorbs and utilizes all of it immediately. When you take methionine through injections, your muscles will rapidly achieve a very high concentration which is more effective in the elimination of fatty deposits and mobilization of fat from your body.

    Inositol – This lipotropic is abbreviated as ‘I’ on the “MIC”. It is a type B vitamin that functions to promote the health of cell structures and the synapses of the nerves. Inositol can be naturally found in foods like beans, nuts, melons, and grains. You can directly ingest it from these foods but it is most effective when taken in larger quantities, mainly through injections. An individual who has an inositol deficiency, will show symptoms like hair loss, constipation and vision problems. This lipotropic agent plays a very important role in general body metabolism and functions.

    Choline - Choline is abbreviated as "C" in the "MIC". It is a lipotropic amino acid which helps to support the liver in excretion of chemicals and toxic waste products. It plays a critical role in the metabolism and transportation of fats within the body which provides support to the cardiovascular, hepatic and endocrine systems.

    • Increases the function of the liver and minimizes your chances of contracting a liver disease.
    • Enhances your skin tone and elasticity.
    • Produces creatine so it will nourish your hair, your nails and also enhance your muscular and cardiovascular functions.
    • It can be used to treat premature ejaculation, Parkinson’s disease, chronic depression, and pancreatitis.
    • Clinical research has also proven that it can greatly improve the alcohol-induced histological changes in your liver. The study showed that the content of triglyceride decreased substantially depending on the dosage and increased administration of methionine.
    • Reduces cholesterol in your body.
    • Enhance fat metabolism.
    • Facilitate the proper functioning of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls your moods and your appetite.
  • Many people have struggled for years with different weight loss programs and conventional weight loss methods and products, for whatever reason, a larger percentage of these people have never achieved the results they desire. The current market has been flooded with both exotic and generic products. You will be very surprised to find out that most of these products are fake. These drugs promise results without explaining how to get there or how the drugs actually work. With our MIC injection, the case is totally different. This weight loss medication is the number one solution that will make all your weight loss frustrations a matter of the past.
  • There is no escaping the possibility of side effects with any supplement or weight loss aid. For that matter, even prescription medication has some form of side effects present. It is best to discuss use with your doctor prior to starting the lipotropic for injections to aid in weight loss.

    • Redness, swelling, or mild pain at injection site.
    • Hives, shortness of breath, and other allergic reactions in some patients.
    • Nausea, heartburn, or other stomach conditions. If you have GI issues, consult with your doctor before you begin to use the injections.
    • Headaches and light-headedness.