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Nationwide Premier Sterile Compounding Facility


Our lineup of patient specific compounds is tailored to optimize weight loss results that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

At ABSOLUTE PHARMACY we work directly with medical professionals to provide them with high quality weight management medications so they can provide their patients with clinically safe assistance in their weight management goals.


HRT is a method of hormone therapy treatment aimed at suppressing the symptoms of aging, menopause, andropause and hormonal imbalances in men and women.

ABSOLUTE PHARMACY partners with physicians and clinics to provide their patients with high quality compounded HRT.L tailored to their needs.


ABSOLUTE PHARMACY has created a sexual health lineup designed to aid men and women who struggle with a poor quality sex life. Our products are created specifically to enhance sexual function by boosting testosterone levels, increasing libido and stamina, counteracting menopause, improving erectile dysfunction, and more.


A compounded medication paramount to all cellular and biological functions. Peptides provide an important anti-aging boost, have anti-inflammatory properties and boast both, faster fat oxidation and increased bodybuilding capacity, all in one dose.

Peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, also stimulate HGH secretion which creates the perfect environment for shorter recovery times, providing more stamina and endurance.





Registered pharmacists prepare compounded medications in an ISO Class-5 clean room with state of the art technology and equipment while maintaining strict adherance to USP. ABSOLUTE PHARMACY holds a significant inventory with the highest quality of USP Grade raw materials enabling ABSOLUTE PHARMACY to provide a wide range of medications including injections, topical and oral medications.

ABSOLUTE PHARMACY utilizes its expert staff, state of the art technology, and USP Grade raw materials from FDA registered and inspected facilities to customize compounded medications for the specific needs of patients provided by the practitioner.