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Live prescription fulfillment time

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Our goal is to deliver the best services and prices possible. Everyone at Absolute Pharmacy is committed to our patients and practitioners

Nationwide Fulfillment

Absolute Pharmacy covers most of continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska, making it an easy choice for providers. See map for details.

Nationwide TeleMedicine Fulfillment
We offer multiple shipping options with great pricing, including 7 day home delivery!
Experienced Professional Staff
All of our staff works with pride and joy to deliver the best service possible to you.

Want More? We Offer More

If our state coverage or great shipping options aren't enough, you have more reasons to choose Absolute Pharmacy:

Expedited Turn-Around Time
Did you see the live prescription fill and ship time above? If not, look again! Most days we ship prescriptions same day!

Information Center

Ketamine Therapy

Treating severe PTSD, severe anxiety disorders, severe bipolar disorder, drug addiction rehabilitation, neuropathic pain, CRPS or RSD, cancer pain syndromes, and phantom limb pain may have a new ally.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy can offer several potential benefits, including improved muscle mass and bone density, increased sex drive, improved mood and energy levels, and improved cognitive function.

Semaglutide GLP-1

Semaglutide works by stimulating the GLP-1 receptors in the body, which results in a variety of metabolic effects and plays a role in regulating appetite and glucose metabolism.

Contact Absolute to see how we can help your practice today.

Keep Compliance In Mind

Telehealth Fulfillment

Absolute Pharmacy prides itself in automatically assisting telehealth prescribers with regulatory compliance driven AI, that automatically determines state licensing requirements, and registrations directly through our eRX portal

Automatic State License Checking

Physician state licensing is at the core of
our E-Prescribing software

State CS Registration Tracking

Did you know some states require additional CS Licensing?
Our system does!

What We Compound

We can compound almost anything, but here are a few of our specialties.

  • Woman holding tape measure

    Weight Loss

  • sleeping couple

    Sexual Health

  • Man Smiling

    Hormone Replacement

  • Fertility


  • sleeping couple

    Sleep & Anxiety

  • sleeping couple


You Have Questions
We Have Answers

Instant answers are demanded these days, and Absolute Pharmacy has built a platform to get you what you want, when you want it, without delay!

We accomplish this in many ways, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on your patients and running your business, not sending emails or making phone calls.

Live Prescription Monitoring
Monitor your scripts progress through our system, in real time!

Update any problem scripts instantly

Message your pharmacist

InstaTrack your orders
RoboAnswers is a library of questions and answers typically asked by our clients.

99% of most questions can be answered instantly by Robo, in real time!
Help Desk Support Team
Our help desk team also has 99% of all questions in ready to go answers, providing you with almost instantaneous responses.

For the other, our team will dig into your issue, and provide prompt, detailed answers to address any of your issues.

E-Prescribing - See the killer features

Modern & easy to use

We are changing the way practitioners interact with our pharmacy by using the latest and best available technologies in our proprietary software. Your time is better spent looking after your patients - Not calling pharmacies getting status on orders. All of the information you need will be in your portal, in real time, always up to date.

You can also integrate with our software via API. Contact us for more information

“The Absolute Portal is a game-changer for us. All of the info we need is available instantly. Everything we need to know is always there.”

Martha H, Clinic Manager
Inbox user interface

Automated invoices - No mistakes

Trust your invoice! We spent a tremendous amount of time developing an accurate but simple automated invoicing system. All of your invoices will aways be at your fingertips from the dashboard with a clear breakdown of all costs. The days of wondering about charges from your pharmacy are OVER!

Customer profile user interface

But wait! There is more

Our software has so many other great features to offer.
The best way for you to see it all is to create an account and experience it yourself!

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

We didn't have enough space to list it all here. We hope you understand.

  • Safe & compliant.
  • Doctor license checks.
  • Real time catalog.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Automated notifications.