HGH Injections (Human Growth Hormone)

What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

The human growth hormone is an endogenously produced hormone that is synthesized and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. HGH is a polypeptide hormone that is responsible for the stimulation of growth and cell reproduction and development in human beings and all other vertebrates. The supplementation of HGH is another form of hormone replacement therapy, which is a process of administering relatively low doses of a deficient hormone into the body so that it can support the body’s inability to produce sufficient levels for the facilitation of optimal physiological processes. Growth hormone therapy is similar to testosterone replacement therapy and these deficiencies manifest themselves as negative symptoms of their physiological properties. This indicates diminished hormonal levels. In the case of HGH, effects manifest as deficiencies that are related to growth.

The Background of Human Growth Hormone

In 1985, the originally used pituitary-derived form of HGH was replaced by the biosynthetic form of this hormone in the U.S and many other countries. The growth-related effects of the HGH are general and extensive but they can be subdivided into 3 major categories, it facilitates the growth of the bones, the internal organs and the skeletal muscles. HGH is produced throughout an individual’s lifespan and apart from facilitating growth in the body, it also supports the metabolism of minerals, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates and it facilitates the stimulation of the connective tissue.


Main pathways in endocrine regulation of growth.

Ever since 1985, the United States F.D.A has approved around 6 HGH indications that are safe for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency conditions. By 2003, the F.D.A had approved HGH for the treatment of insufficient HGH production in children who exhibit stunted growth and adult GH deficiency. It is also indicated for the treatment of muscle wasting that is associated with the Human Immune Deficiency Virus. Nevertheless, the federal law strongly prohibits the use of the human growth hormone for off-label motives which include athletic purposes, performance and physique purposes and anti-aging in patients who are not GH deficient.

In its structural context, HGH is known as GRH-1-29 NH2 and it has a molecular weight of approximately 22129.00. It is secreted by the pituitary gland as a hormone which is made up of a chain of 191 amino acids. Most synthetic forms of this hormone are prepared as a white powder which must be reconstituted using sterile water or bacteriostatic water before use. This solution should be administered using an intramuscular injection or a subcutaneous injection.

Although these two modes of administration are quite similar, clinical studies that focused on their pharmacokinetics revealed that a subcutaneous injection can yield far much better results when compared to an intramuscular injection. The main reasons for this are because, with subcutaneous injections, you will attain higher rates of bioavailability which will be about 63% to75%, it attains baseline hormonal levels faster, in about 12-18 hours and it has a shorter life span of around 3.8 to 4.9 hours. Most clinicians and patients also prefer the subcutaneous injection to the intramuscular injection.

Symptoms of the Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

A deficiency of the HGH in the body can cause variable but significant effects to patients depending on their age. In children, a GH deficiency will result in a condition of stunted growth and a short stature. In adults, the effects can be more severe and they might include low energy levels, deficiencies in muscle strength, bone mass and tensile strength. It also exposes one to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How to Diagnose Human Growth Hormone Deficiencies

growth hormone

Growth Hormone Structure

To properly diagnose the deficiency of the HGH, a patient should be subjected to a series of tests that should be aimed at evaluating the function of the pituitary glands and the levels of the growth hormones in the serum. Health care technicians can initiate the production of this hormone so that they can evaluate both their secretion rates and their overall concentration levels in the body.

Additional Applications of the Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone is generally prescribed as a disorder specific drug. It is indicated for the treatment of specific conditions like a hormone deficiency that leads to a short stature in children and to treat stunted growth due to insufficient production of the endogenous growth Hormone. It can also be used as a long-term combination treatment for short stature that is associated with the adult-bowel syndrome and the Turner syndrome. HGH shots can be used to treat adult deficiencies of this hormone due to damages to the pituitary gland through tumors or surgery, and it can help to treat muscle wasting that is associated with HIV.

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