Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

What Does A 503a Sterile Compound Pharmacy Do?

Sterile Compounding Pharmacy is the process of creating customized medications based on physician’s specifications and patient needs. The use of medicinal compounding has quickly become one of the up and coming trends in the medical industry. Many different areas of medicine have adopted pharmaceutical compounding including dermatology and pediatrics.

Does A Compounding Pharmacy Work?

Our Sterile Compounding Pharmacy prides itself on service, quality and efficiency. Absolute Pharmacy boasts an ISO Class 5 Clean Room and cutting edge technology to provide the best compound pharmacy services around. We also use only FDA Approved Chemicals for all of our compound medications and we maintain a sufficient supply of these chemicals to met your needs. By working with the doctor, we are able to utilize our compound pharmacy to meet the exact needs of the patient, though the specifications set forth by the medical professional.

Injectable Medications

– Intravenous Drugs (I.V.)

– Intramuscular Drugs (I.M.)

– Subcutaneous (S.C. or S.Q.)

– Preservative-Free Formulations

Oral Medications

– Capsules

– Suspensions

– Solutions

– Sugar-Free Formulations

– Gluten-Free Medications

– Dye-Free Formulations

– Lactose-Free Formulations

Sublingual Medications

– Suspensions

– Troches

– Solutions

Topical Medications

– Creams

– Gels

– Inhalations

– Nasal Solutions

– Transdermal Gels


– Rectal Suppositories

– Vaginal Suppositories

– Rectal Enemas

– Vaginal Creams

How Do Doctors Use A Compound Pharmacy?

At Absolute Pharmacy, we are are always seeking new partnerships with medical professionals and practices. All that your practice needs to do is to fill out the appropriate paperwork with our compounding pharmacy and have it verified. Once your information has been verified, we can walk you through not only the processes that we use, but also the abilities that our compounding pharmacy can offer your and your practice. We find that once the capabilities of our compounding pharmacy services are clear and understood, that there is rarely a better solution.


Benefits For Doctors

There are a host of benefits to Physicians. One obvious benefit is the quality of service to your patient. By being able to control the exact dosages and mixtures of medications, you can offer your patients ONE prescription to manage a number of ailments or issues that the patient is having. This will translate to better care, and also a value add for your practice. If you patient is on a number of medications, you can now simplify all of them down to one dose for easier application. Another benefit to your practice will be in the paperwork needed to fill multiple prescriptions and the operational process that needs to happen to get the medication into the hands of your patient. Rather than writing out, signing, then faxing a number of prescriptions, you formulate a customized solution and use a compounding pharmacy to make exactly what you want in one dosage. This means ONE prescription, so the chances of paperwork getting muffled or lost go down significantly. One of the most overlooked benefits of using a compounding pharmacy is the total control of dosage. If your patient is “in between” two dosages of a specific medication, we can work with you to provide the EXACT dosage that you feel is needed for application. No More, No Less. This will obviously give you greater control and precision when giving care to your patients. The ultimate benefit to using a compounding pharmacy is the overall quality of life and service that you can provide through your practice. The ability to fully customize and control your prescriptions will lead to happier patients, and a greater quality of care.