Why Sterile Compounding Pharmacies are so important in 2017 & beyond

What do Sterile Compounding Pharmacies do?compounding medicine in a pharmacy

These sterile compounding pharmacies are responsible for creating customized medicines according to the individual needs of the patient as well as following the medical specifications. At our sterile compound pharmacy at Absolute Pharmacy we take pride in providing the highest grade of compounded medicines to our patients & physicians. Sterile compounding is an important and growing trend in the health industry that provides patients access to the perfect combination of medications for their needs, doctors utilize our sterile compound pharmacy and we have developed great relationships with thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe. Areas of medicine such as dermatology and pediatrics have adopted this new trend that gives them access to new compounds. Pharmacists that perform sterile composition need in-depth knowledge of the medication so that they can choose the most suitable components when creating the medicine.


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The difference of our work with that of other sterile compounding pharmacies:

Absolute Pharmacy prides itself on the service, quality, and efficiency of our sterile compound pharmacy. We have an ISO class-5 clean room and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best pharmacy services to anyone who needs them. We only work with FDA approved chemicals for all our compound medications; we also ensure that we always maintain a sufficient supply of these chemicals to meet your needs.

We work hand in hand with the best medical equipment to meet the exact needs of the patient (although the indications and specifications are always established beforehand by the doctor). All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and some arepre-packaged in self-washable bags for your sterilization procedures.sterile compound pharmacy

Why have Compounding Pharmacies gained so much importance in the medical field?

Sterile Compounding pharmacies create, or “compound”, a product according to the specific needs of a patient. Some might wonder why this would be important. Some people are allergic to specific ingredients in a drug, but the other ingredients would be beneficial. Sometimes there is no medically comparable form of medicine with the desired ingredients removed. Removing the component of a drug to which a person is sensitive can prevent future negative reactions from the medication. In addition, this can prevent the patient from being left untreated due to the lack of alternative medication.sterile compounding drugs

A sterile pharmacy could also provide other types of benefits such as being able to add flavors to medications. In this way, they will be easier to consume for patients who do not tolerate some bitter tastes, typical of some medicines. A sterile pharmacy could also switch from liquid state medication to pill form, suspension or vice versa, based on a patient’s needs

In essence, a compound pharmacy is able to provide personalized medications based on the specific requirements of a patient. You can find out more about what compounding is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compounding & http://www.pccarx.com/what-is-compounding & https://www.ashp.org/pharmacy-practice/pharmacy-topics/sterile-compounding



Why would you use a compound pharmacy?

There are various reasons to ask for a compounded medication. Some of these range from concerns about a patient’s allergies to a custom chemotherapy formulation. In compound pharmacies, the staff follows very particular guidelines that are aimed at keeping the environment clean and safe. Here are some things to look for when you are trying to find a compounding pharmacy near you.

The sterile composition process begins with a consultation with the physician. The doctor talks to the pharmacists regarding the medication and the specific case of the patient to make it easy for the pharmacists to come up with an appropriate formula. In addition to the biologically active ingredients, the pharmacist also has to take into consideration what needs to be used as a support and cushioning. A case in point involves an ointment where a cream is required to carry the drug, while in an oral drug, it may be required that a protective coating is used to guard the stomach. A compounding pharmacy may use technicians or pharmacists to prepare medicines. In all these cases, they will work in a sterile environment. Protective equipment will be available to guard against contamination, and it is common to work under a ventilation hood.


How do doctors use a sterile compound pharmacy?

At Absolute Pharmacy, we are constantly seeking partnerships with professionals to innovate in our medical practices. All you need to do is fill out the appropriate paperwork with our makeup pharmacy and have it checked. Once your information has been verified, we can advise you not only on the processes we use, but also on the skills that our compound pharmacy can offer you and your practice. We find that, once the capabilities of our compound pharmacy services are clear and understood, the patient will rarely seek another alternative or solution.syringes & injections

Injectable Medications

– Intravenous Drugs (I.V.)
– Intramuscular Drugs (I.M.)
– Subcutaneous (S.C. or S.Q.)
– Preservative-Free Formulations

Oral Medications

– Capsules
– Suspensions
– Solutions
– Sugar-Free Formulations
– Gluten-Free Medications
– Dye-Free Formulations
– Lactose-Free Formulations

Sublingual Medications

– Suspensions
– Troches
– Solutions

Topical Medications

– Creams
– Gels
– Inhalations
– Nasal Solutions
– Transdermal Gels


– Rectal Suppositories
– Vaginal Suppositories
– Rectal Enemas
– Vaginal Creams

What are the benefits for doctors when using a compound pharmacy?

There are a lot of benefits for doctors using a sterile compounding pharmacy. The main benefit is the quality of service to your patient. This means that you as a doctor will be able to offer your patients a single prescription to treat a series of problems or ailments that your patient is presenting; That is, you will be able to control the precise dosages and mixtures of medicines according to the characteristics of your patients. This will translate into better care, and also added value for your practice. If the patient previously needed a series of medications to treat, you will now have the opportunity to simplify all of them up to a dose for an easier application.

Another important benefit to your practice will be in simplifying the paperwork, that is, you will no longer need to fill multiple recipes and the logistical process you need so that your patient can get the medication in their hands. Instead of writing, signing and then faxing a number of complicated recipes to follow, you’ll be able to formulate a customized solution and use a compound pharmacy to achieve the goal in one dose. This means A prescription, so the odds that the papers are lost or forgotten will drop significantly.

Last but not least, one of the most significant benefits of using a compounding pharmacy is total dose control. That is, if your patient is between 2 doses of a specific drug, Absolute Pharmacy will be able to work with you to provide the exact dose you deem necessary for the application, there will never be more or fewer amounts. Obviously, this means that you will have better control and your patient care will be more accurate and effective. In short, using a makeup pharmacy will give you the overall quality of life and service you can provide through your practice. Being able to fully customize and control the recipes of your patients will make them happier; you will gain recognition for providing a better quality of care.

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