Sterile Compounding in California


Ever heard of the word compounding? Well in this case we are talking from a medical point of view, not in the case of academics (the English lexis) or accounting.

Compounding in a very simple term refers to the concoction or mixture of various drug components by a registered and approved pharmacy for the patient’s use.

In the same vein, a compounding pharmacy is a licensed body given the approval to combine one or more active ingredients or drug components for the patient’s medication.

Now, please note that a pharmacy in California is not necessarily a pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing and maybe distribution of drugs. But they are staffed with qualified and licensed pharmacists and physicians who are fully regulated by law and comply with all necessary industry and regulatory standards just as you would discover at our Pharmacy. We are located in Lutz, FL but we are fully licensed in California. 

Why would use a compounding facility ?

Unlike the local pharmacy or drug store, most compounding pharmacies can combine or create a combination of medications whether in liquid or solid form (capsules and tablets) for a patient based on the nature of the patient’s medical history and ailments and as presented by his or her physician. These medications could be taken orally or by injection, cream or gel; whichever form is acceptable and required.


The basic indices for the operations of a pharmacy like Absolute Pharmacy are that it must meet regulatory standards. These standards are usually based on an understanding of what each components of the medication should carry and potency level of the medication in order to determine what the appropriate dosage per time should be for the patient.

So the importance or overall benefit of pharmacy lye in the fact that it provides medicare that is tailored to suite the patient’s medical need. This way it could better address the patient’s need rather than taking just a prescription of drug combination. Drugs that are manufactured with components to prevent or treat a particular ailment using general parameters or symptoms related to that ailment might sometimes not react well to another ailment such patient is suffering from.


For instance, a patient might be suffering from say breast cancer and might have ulcer as well as be diabetic. Now the medication for the treatment of cancer when administered on the patient might cause a reaction that produces a negative effect on then patient due to his or her suffering from diabetes or ulcer. The challenge then becomes what combination of medication can help avert as much negative effect as possible. Sometimes, certain ailments are treated first while managing the other ailments, pending when the patient gets his or her initial relief and then treatment commences on the second and third ailments. This is a kind of situation a compounding facility try to provide remedy for.

Besides this, there are cases of patients with allergies and who would naturally react negatively if administered a particular FDA approved medication (this does not mean FDA approved medications are in any way bad). The solution to such a case would be to compound medications devoid of that dye or allergic component.

Another reason for compounding is that, you might have a case of a patient who cannot swallow a capsule or tablet, say an elderly or aged patient, a child or an unconscious patient. The drugs could be put in a liquid form, ensuring it does not lose any of its vital components in the process. This again must be done in a hygienic environment before being administered on the patient.

Absolute pharmacy is a top notch pharmacy based in Florida, but we are licensed in the state of California and we provide compounding services and more as well as being backed by law. We relate with patients but mostly licensed physicians with regards to finding solution to a patient’s medical needs at a reasonable rate.

It usually employs technology at its best in bringing solutions to patient’s needs in an ideal and sterile environment, promoting health and fitness. Absolute Pharmacy provides a wide range of medical help for the overall well being of the patient. Our product line include: anti-aging products, hormonal replacements, high quality supplements, weight management, IV therapy and more.

Compounding of drugs requires a careful process and the choice of a pharmacy to use is of great importance because if not handled by medical experts, regulated and fully licensed, the patient is the one at risk of complications.


The choice of a compounding facility could save the administration of poor quality drugs. Another result of poor quality drugs is medication that could be inadequate in terms of potency or be too potent due to higher dosage (overdose) than the patient needs per time. You also run the risks of using contaminated drugs, all of which can be counterproductive to the patient’s general well being.