PT 141

A surprising discovery, Bremelanotide Acetate also called as PT-141, has been originally developed as a self-tanning agent. In the process of studying this drug, erection has been discovered as a side effect. Since then, PT-141 has been known as a revolutionary aphrodisiac or sex drug used for treating sexual disorders and conditions, while enhancing libido, sexual function and performance in both men and women.

Considered as the first of its kind, PT-141 is a life changing medication approved by the FDA under the brand name Vyleesi, which is used to treat sexual problems and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. As an innovative peptide hormone treatment, Positive results have also been shown in women who reported to have experienced intense arousal that would last from 6 to 72 hours upon intake of this medication.

In addition, it has been reported that within minutes of taking this “libido drug”, sexual arousal is generated and heightened, and a significant improvement in sexual performance is also experienced. Since it is administered as a nasal spray, this form of treatment is safe, convenient, easily accessible, and discreet to use at the same time.



  • Classified as a melanocortin drug, PT-141 works in the brain by inducing the dopamine hormones, which stimulate and enhance one’s sexual motivation and performance. This “sex peptide” triggers passion and desire by activating the limbic emotional structures, which scintillates when we are turned on, and by increasing the blood flow to the penis, vagina and clitoris. Compared to Viagra and Cialis, not only does PT-141 helps in achieving erection, but more importantly it also increases arousal, desire, motivation and satisfaction with sex without endangering one’s health. Because of its ability to work through the central nervous system and not through the vascular system, this peptide is safer to use compared to other sexual treatments, including for those with heart conditions. As a result, intimacy and passion are restored in a healthier manner.
  • Vitamin B12 is essential to a well-functioning system. The following areas benefit greatly with a daily Vitamin B12 supplement:

    • Helps with red blood cell formation and prevents anemia.
    • Helps prevent major birth defects.
    • Helps support bone health and prevents osteoporosis.
    • Helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration.
    • Helps improve mood and symptoms of depression.
    • Helps support cognitive function.
    • Helps provide energy boost.
    • Helps improve heart health by decreasing homocysteine levels.
    • Helps support healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • People who experience the following symptoms can take PT-141 Bremelanotide Acetate:

    • Decreased libido and sensation.
    • Emotional issues such as anxiety, embarrassment and shame resulting to sexual disorders or conditions.
    • Inability to achieve or maintain an erection.
    • Inability to ejaculate or have delayed ejaculation despite adequate stimulation.
    • Lack of desire, reduced interest in sex and inability to become aroused.
    • Pain during intercourse.
    • Men with erectile dysfunction.
    • Women with sexual arousal disorder
    • Improves sex life.
    • Increases libido, pleasure and orgasm.
    • Improves sexual desire, frequency, performance, response and satisfaction.
    • Heightens natural energy levels.
    • Enhances mood, reduces depression and stress.
    • Burns fat and calories.
    • Lowers blood pressure.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Relief from lethargy or tiredness.
    • Improves mental and physical well-being.
    • Increases libido in both men and women.
    • Improves self-confidence and self- esteem.
    • Promotes faster sexual arousal in women.
    • Increases sexual desire via the nervous system.

    For men:

    • Treats erectile dysfunction, impotence and premature ejaculation.
    • Provides more intense and more frequent erections lasting between 2-6 hours.
    • Reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke.

    For women:

    • Treats hypoactive sexual desire disorder for premenopausal women.
    • Treats vaginal vasocongestion.
    • Promotes bladder control.
    • Strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor.
    • The most common effective dosage is 2mg or 1 spray per each nostril, for both men and women.
    • If desired and if can be tolerated, dosage can be adjusted up to 4mg or 2 sprays per each nostril.
    • Note that dosage may vary per patient depending on the person’s medical condition. Your doctor will prescribe appropriate dosage specific to your medical needs.
    • Intranasal administration should be done 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to sexual activity.
    • This drug can be used up to a maximum of 3x per week.
    • For patients with high blood pressure, a cycling protocol may be administered wherein smaller doses are given for a specific period to determine the optimal dose appropriate.
    • Treats skin pigmentation disorders
    • Can also be used as a tanning agent without direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Reactions to PT-141 are usually mild. However, it is always recommended to consult with your doctor to discuss your existing and previous medical conditions, allergies, illnesses and medications, supplements or vitamins that you are currently taking or have taken previously prior to starting this medication. Some of the most common side effects of PT- 141 are the following:

    • Nausea that could last up to 30 minutes.
    • Headaches
    • Facial Flushing
    • Vomiting
    • Increased blood pressure in men.
    • Decrease in heart rate.
    • Skin darkening or pigmentation in certain parts of the body
    • Cough, nasal congestion or upper respiratory tract infections
    • Increased rate of sexual arousal
    • Injection site redness or irritation.
  • If you have the following health conditions or if you are taking or have taken medications for the below conditions, inform your doctor first prior to usage:

    • History of high blood pressure or if you are currently hypertensive and is not being given appropriate treatment
    • History of cardiovascular disease
    • Any kidney issues
    • Any liver issues
    • Currently pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Consult with your doctor, medical provider or pharmacist regarding instructions for storage of this medication.

    • Before taking this treatment, consult first with your doctor to confirm if this is the appropriate treatment for you.
    • It is highly recommended not to exceed 2mg within the 72 hours of administering this drug.
    • Note that the effect for this medication varies per person.
    • Titration may be required to obtain desired effect.
    • Always consult with your doctor regarding any concerns or issues you may have when using this product.
    • The effects of using PT-141 can take place around from 1 hour to 12 hours after administration. The effects would normally last from 24-36 hours, even up to 72 hours, with diminishing effect each day.